And this is how it works

Our simple process


Initial meeting

Before we get started, you're bound to have a few questions or requests. That's why your personal customer advisor will be at your side right from the start - to listen to you first. And then advises you - from A for animation to C for CI - no questions remain unanswered.



If you have decided to work with us, we will now create your
individual script. We will send
you a list of questions
and we can then
work on the script based on your answers.
Here is an example



As soon as the script has been finalized, the next step is to create a storyboard. Here we work with you to select a suitable style that fits your company perfectly. We then develop the storyboard based on the script.
Here is an example



Initial meeting check. Script and storyboard check. Now the animators bring the images to life. Music, sound design and voiceover included.
Here are selected examples

Our customers

Over 3,000 satisfied customers

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Why an explainer video
is indispensable for your company?

You know the reasons why your customers have chosen you.
But why did potential new customers decide against your offer?

Grafik 1

Problem 1

Overload! Complexity! Boredom! Most customers do not want to be overwhelmed by reading texts or PDFs.

Grafik 2 (1)

Problem 2

Potential customers will only decide to buy your offer if they have fully understood it.


Problem 3

The clock is ticking! Potential customers have very little time to get to grips with your offer.

Why should you create an explainer video with Rielis Media?

With us you don't get a standard explainer video, but the Rielis Media explainer video!



Standard explainer video

Which explainer video would you like to produce? An idea, a concept or even a finished script are welcome.

Rielis Media explainer video

During our initial consultation, we dive deep into your topic, product or service. We understand how it works and use this understanding to develop a customized concept and script that delivers exactly what you need.



Standard explainer video

Stories that have been told countless times and only bore your customers.

Rielis Media explainer video

Our professional scriptwriters bring your topic, product or service to life with original stories that will captivate your customers.


Grafik 2 (1)

Standard explainer video

Standardized explainer videos that don't match your company's style and identity can do more harm than good.

Rielis Media explainer video

Our experts create customized explainer videos that reflect your exact style - be it simple, serious or eye-catching. Your company is the focus, and we deliver exactly what you need.


Online Marketing

Standard explainer video

With your explainer video you can upload it to YouTube, present it on your website, use it in emails and thus regularly win new customers!

Rielis Media explainer video

We know exactly how to successfully introduce your explainer video to the market with the help of comprehensive positioning strategies, especially YouTube SEO and online marketing. Our focus is on getting you more new customers who will be enthusiastic about your message.


Grafik 2 (2)

Standard explainer video

Your explainer video reaches a solid level and every now and then you gain new customers.

Rielis Media explainer video

Thanks to a carefully developed positioning strategy, targeted YouTube SEO optimization and an effective online marketing concept, your explainer video generates a steadily growing number of new customers.

Your explainer video in 6 steps

You are actively involved in the production process of your explainer video right from the start. This means you are always in control and can ensure that the video meets your requirements. There are no surprises at the end - you have complete creative freedom.

Step 1


We take time at the beginning to get to know you via Skype, Zoom or by phone. We dive deeper into your ideas, wishes, target group and other relevant aspects.
Step 1
Step 2


One of our experienced writers will then write the script for your explainer video. We simply ask you for feedback on whether the script meets your expectations or whether you would like to make any changes.
Step 2
Step 3


We have developed the script. In the next step, we will make the first sketches to give you an idea of what your explainer video will ultimately look like. Once we have found the right style that suits your preferences, we will make all the necessary drawings.
Step 3
Step 4


Once the script meets your expectations, our explainer video experts will draw a thumbnail for each scene, resulting in a final storyboard and giving you a clear idea of what your explainer video will look like.
Step 4
Grafik 2 (1)
Step 5


We will then send you a selection of female and male voice actors. After you have decided on a speaker, the text will be recorded. We will then send you the recorded example and ask you to let us know if you are satisfied with the recording.
Step 5
Step 6


Now we take the images according to the storyboard and set them in motion. We animate them, add a narrator and create the sound design and music. This is how your individual explainer video is created!
Step 6

Why are our clients' results so good?

After we've completed your explainer video, we don't simply put our efforts at risk. We go one step further and implement measures to improve the visibility of your explainer video. With a positioning paper, optimized YouTube SEO and a well thought-out online marketing concept, we achieve concrete results: You actually gain more new customers or employees and generate higher sales.

sommer aktion10
sommer aktion10

Individual handmade explainer videos

Unique explainer videos for small, medium and large budgets

Handmade Basic

Simply drawn & explained!

Kunde Siemens by Rielis Media 0 31 screenshot
Play Video about Kunde Siemens by Rielis Media 0 31 screenshot
  • 60 seconds
  • Whiteboard/Laying trick
  • Voice over of your choice
  • Multilingual
  • Commercial rights upon acceptance
  • Customized graphics creation
  • Background music
  • 3 feedback loops
  • 15 to 20 working days delivery time
  • Script coordination
  • Script creation
  • 2D Animation style
  • Corporate Identity coordination

Handmade Premium

Simply entertain & inspire!

Kunde Meine Reifen Cyberpunk Stil by Rielis Media Erklaervideos 0 2 screenshot e1684632847325.png
Play Video about Kunde Meine Reifen Cyberpunk Stil by Rielis Media Erklaervideos 0 2 screenshot e1684632847325.png
  • 60 seconds
  • Cartoon & Flatdesign
  • Voice over of your choice
  • Mulitlingual
  • Commercial rights upon acceptance
  • Individual graphic design
  • Background music
  • 5 feedback loops
  • 15 to 20 working days delivery time
  • Script coordination
  • Script creation
  • 2.5D Animation style
  • Corporate Identity coordination

Handmade Enterprise

Simple like no other!

Play Video about handmade
  • 60 seconds
  • Individual style
  • Voice over of your choice
  • Multilingual
  • Commercial rights upon acceptance
  • Customized graphics creation
  • Background music
  • 5 feedback loops
  • 15 to 20 working days delivery time
  • Script coordination
  • Script creation
  • 3D Animation style
  • Corporate Identity coordination

Did you already know?

Here we answer the top 3 customer questions

Warum funktionieren Erklaervideos so gut  0 0 screenshot
Play Video about Warum funktionieren Erklärvideos so gut

Explainer videos. Why do they actually work?

Why do explainer videos work so well? Let us explain with a simple example.

Passt ein Erklaervideo für jede Branche 0 3 screenshot
Play Video about Passt ein Erklärvideo für jede Branche

Is an explainer video suitable for every industry?

Is an explainer video suitable for every industry or are there exceptions? And even more importantly. Is it suitable for your industry, for your company?

So verkaufst du dein Produkt mit einem Erklaervideo 0 0 screenshot
Play Video about So verkaufst du dein Produkt mit einem Erklärvideo!

How do you increase your sales with explainer videos?

Whether on your website, as advertising, at trade fairs or TV commercials. Explainer videos are the sales tool of the 21st century.

What the media say

Our top press releases

Do you have a project in mind?
Then arrange your non-binding initial consultation now.

How much will your explainer video cost? Which package is right for you? What exactly could your story look like? We will discuss all of this in our non-binding concept meeting, where we will create a free concept for your explainer video.

Susanne Mayer
Explainer video consulting

Do you still have questions?

Perhaps our FAQs will help!

Why Rielis Media explainer videos and not another agency?

Generally speaking, explainer video agencies specialize in one of 3 areas:

1. one agency swears that explainer videos only have to do one thing – namely sell…

2. the other says that the most important thing in an explainer video is the story…

3. and the third says that it only has to be built according to marketing principles…

Generally speaking, this is all true…

The problem, however, is that most explainer video agencies only specialize in one of these 3 topics.

This is precisely why we have developed the 3-pillar system, which:


-marketing and


in one explainer video to do what it is supposed to do:

Generate customer inquiries and sales.

Which package is right for me?

The most important question of all! As you’ve already read above, we have three different packages. “For small, medium or large budgets”. The smallest package is well suited for start-ups, the medium one for medium-sized companies and the handmade version for companies with a little more budget or high demands.

Why are there such big price differences?

Quite simply. There are 2 types of explainer videos. Explainer videos that are created with templates and ready-made graphics. (Well suited for small startups or companies with less budget) And explainer videos where every single graphic is hand-drawn. Template videos usually cost between 3.000$ – 3.500$ Hand-drawn videos between 5.000$ – 20.000$. We are happy to advise you here to choose the right package.

Are there any additional costs?

No, all packages include a professional speaker, background music and the animation. Additional costs may only be incurred if you need a longer video, for example, or if you exceed the included correction loops. (Which is usually not the case)

Can I pay for the video in installments?

Yes, you can. We offer you the option of paying for the video in 3 to 6 installments.

Can I choose the voice over artist?

Yes, you can! We have around 40 voice over artists (male and female) in our repertoire. You will certainly recognize some of them from TV commercials. For example the nice lady from the Wella commercial.

How long can the video last?

The explanatory videos are scheduled for 1 minute (140 words of voiceover) or 1.5 minutes (210 words of voiceover). As people’s attention span is very low, we would not recommend going over a length of 2 minutes.

Do you also offer explanatory video series?

Yes, if you have planned a complete series of explanatory videos, we also offer packages of 5 or 10. Of course, we also grant a quantity discount here.

When is an explanatory video excluded?

We do not create explainer videos that describe sexual content, questionable ideologies or generally questionable topics.

What happens if I exceed the included correction loops?

From the premium version upwards, there are 5 correction loops included (more than enough). However, if you exceed these 5 correction loops, we will then charge our hourly rate of 120$/h.

Do you also offer subtitles or other languages?

Yes, we offer every language or dialect there is. Special dialects are usually associated with additional costs.