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Explainer videos for new customer acquisition


Helvetia Insurance

Target group

Insurance companies

Video use
Online,Social Media, TV

Helvetia Insurance - Explainer video

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Helvetia Insurance was faced with the challenge of making day-to-day business more efficient for its customers and optimizing work processes. The multitude of tasks such as accounting, quoting, invoicing and time management required a comprehensive solution to reduce the workload and increase productivity. The main problem was that the existing systems and tools were not effective enough to meet these requirements.

Film concept

Helvetia Insurance decided to create an explainer video to present the new software to customers to simplify their day-to-day business and highlight its benefits. The explanatory video concept was developed by us to explain the functionality of the software in an understandable way and to emphasize the advantages for the customers.


The introduction of the explanatory video for the software to simplify the day-to-day business of its customers proved to be extremely successful. The video helped to improve understanding of the software, increase customer acceptance and ensure a smooth roll-out.