Case Study: Jaguar/Landrover

Launch of a new product



Target group
B2B specialized trade


Video use
Online,Social Media, TV

Jaguar/Landrover  - Explainer video

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Jaguar/Landrover was faced with the challenge of successfully launching a new product. The company had recognized that there was a gap in the market and that the introduction of an innovative product could help to strengthen customer loyalty and attract new customers. The main problem was to publicize the product, arouse the interest of the target group and achieve a positive market reception.

Film concept

In order to present the product effectively and attract the attention of the target group, Jaguar/Landrover decided to create a high-quality explanatory video. The concept and script were carefully developed by us to highlight the unique features of the product and create an emotional connection with the viewers.


The launch of the new Jaguar/Landrover product was a great success and the explainer video played a crucial role in this. The film concept was able to present the product in a captivating and emotional way and capture the attention of the target audience. The film was distributed on various platforms, including digital media and social media, and achieved a high reach and response.