Case Study: Michael Streil Immobilien

Explainer video for acquiring new customers


Michael Streil Immobilien

Target group

Real estate agent

Video use
Website, Social Media, OnlineMarketing

Michael Streil Immobilien

Play Video about Immobilienmakler
Play Video about Werbefilm
Play Video about Die besten Energiesparmaßnahmen für Ihr Haus und Ihre Wohnung


The company: "Michael Streil Immobilien" had no significant digital structures, which meant that new customer acquisition was limited to personal contacts and recommendations.

Film concept

We implemented a new website, guide, blog, explanatory video, all social media channels, a content strategy for the blog and social media for the company, as well as various automation implications so that the company can address and acquire new customers in the most cost-effective and time-saving way possible.

Multifunctional interactive new customer acquisition arrangement leads to long-term maximization of the company's success.


The company has already acquired its first new customers with our newly developed digital new customer acquisition system. The company will now receive long-term support from our parent company: Company 4 You & Me.