Case Study: RE/MAX 

Launch of a new app

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RE/MAX  - Explainer video

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RE/MAX, a leading company in the real estate industry, was faced with the challenge of simplifying the process of submitting offers for customers and agents. The traditional approach of physically submitting offers was time consuming and inefficient. The main problem was to find an efficient and user-friendly way to digitize the bidding process and meet the needs of customers.

Film concept

RE/MAX decided to create an explanatory video to effectively introduce the real estate app for digital online bidding and to illustrate the benefits for customers and agents. The film concept and script were developed by us to explain the functionality of the app to users in an understandable way and to highlight the benefits.


The launch of the explainer video for RE/MAX's digital online listing app proved to be extremely successful. The video helped to promote the use of the app, increase the efficiency of the listing process and ensure a positive user experience.