Case Study: Wiener Wohnen

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Wiener Wohnen House Care

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Internal communication

Real estate

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Wiener Wohnen - Explainer video

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The employees at Wiener Wohnen needed training in digitalization. As a result, Wiener Wohnen decided to set up an e-learning platform. Explanatory videos are an essential part of the learning content.

Film concept

We have now produced 7 explainer videos for Wiener Wohnen. We opted for a consistent narrative style and a single narrator for the different stories so that the employees do not have to keep readjusting to the explanatory videos during training.

Corporate design is extremely important for corporate explainer videos!


Wiener Wohnen was able to achieve outstanding learning results with our explanatory videos, which is particularly noticeable in the fact that the learning content only very rarely needs to be retrained or employees ask questions about it.