Case Study: Würth AG

Bonus system for new customers


Würth AG

Target group


Online,Social Media, TV

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The problem
Würth AG, a leading supplier of assembly and fastening materials, was faced with the challenge of increasing the loyalty of existing customers to the company. The main problem was to develop an incentive system that would motivate new customers to shop online more intensively in the long term and, above all, turn them into returning customers.

Film concept

Würth AG decided to create an explanatory video to effectively introduce the bonus system for new customers and to clarify the benefits for customers. The film concept and script were carefully developed by us to explain how the bonus system works to new customers.


The introduction of the explanatory video and the bonus system for new customers at Würth AG proved to be extremely successful. The video helped to raise awareness of the bonus system, attract more new customers to shop online and encourage their loyalty to the company.